Taught by professionals with years of experience
The whole screenwriting lifecycle from outlining to revisions
Work in a team environment and receive peer review and feedback
Learn the basics then build upon them and grow
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  • Screenwriting 100 - This introductory course presents the full overview of the screenwriting process and how a script transforms from a twinkle in your mind to a marked-up document on set used by every department. Learn the industry standard formatting rules and a few of the tools you can use to craft a screenplay.
  • Screenwriting 101 - This class explores basic story structure and what a film audience needs to be able to follow your story. You'll write a short film during this class and have it critiqued by your fellow classmates and the instructor.
  • Screenwriting 102 - Learn and use constructs such as character arcs, setups and payoffs, and sub-plots. 
  • Screenwriting 103 - This class is a deep dive into character development and how to create memorable and engaging characters.
  • Screenwriting 104 - In this class you'll learn the techniques and rules to craft an entire story world with characters and locations that fit inside it organically and complimentary to the story.