Taught by experienced directors
Start with the basics and grow into advanced skills
Learn in a team environment and receive critque from your peers
Learn utilizing hands-on experience
  • Directing 100 - This introductory course presents the full cycle of what a director does during each phase of a film's production lifecycle. You'll analyze a provided script, break down the shots into a shot list, cast a few actors and direct a short scene. At the conclusion students will screen all of the films and provide feedback.
  • Directing 101 - This course focuses on pre-production and teaches deeper skills into analyzing a script, finding the heart of the story and identifying themes you want to explore as a director. Create a shot list and define the visual style you think will best express the script when filmed.
  • Directing 102 - This course takes what you did in 101 and moves it into the casting phase. Learn about creating effective character breakdowns. You'll hold a casting session and learn to work effectively with actors to identify the perfect actor for a given role.
  • Directing 103 - At this point in pre-production you'll work with your art department to shape the look of the film through means of the character's wardrobe, location, set design, props, and hair and makeup.
  • Directing 104 - Time to move into production! Using the shot list you created in 100 you'll block the scene with your actors and then work with your camera department to shoot the scene in the most effective way. You'll learn skills to effectively direct an actor that allows for them to deliver their best performance and use their talents to breathe life into your film.