Taught from a producer's perspective
The whole filmmaking lifecycle from development to promotion
Hands-on learning where YOU create films as a team
Courses from Introduction to advanced concepts
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  • Filmmaking 100 - This introductory course presents the full overview of the filmmaking process from Development to Post-Production. Explore what happens when and where, and is presented from a producer's perspective. You'll explore the tasks assigned to the producer and learn why their role is critical to a successful film production.
  • Filmmaking 101 - This course picks up where 100 leaves off and dives deep into the development and pre-production phases of film production. You'll work on a short film with a virtual budget and be responsible for the finances of the production. You'll work with a director to identify effective and affordable locations, manage casting costs and logistics, and identify key crew positions that need to be hired, and factored into the budget.
  • Filmmaking 102- This class focuses on the production phase of filmmaking and what happens on and off the set. You'll roll-play some scenarios that frequently occur on set and learn how to make them stay true to the budget and schedule. 
  • Filmmaking 103 - Finish up the cycle with a comprehensive journey through the post-production phase from a producer's perspective. Learn the critical pieces that must be completed during this phase, both for delivering a beautiful film, as well as staying out of legal hot water.